A “wild spot” is an area for unplugging from technology and reconnecting with nature, whose meaning, infrastructures and practices are established through a community process. It is a hotspot for ecological placemaking and well-being that exposes and releases the tensions of the “smart city”.

Starting from a critical view of the digital landscape in cities, the wild spot process looks into nature and the intentional use of attention to creating urban wilderness areas, restorative spaces away from the cognitive burden of the digital everyday.
Participatory design practitioner and forest bathing guide Marta Arniani developed the wild spot concept and the non-profit Wild Spots registered in France. If you want to bring a wild spot to where you live, you can contact us at info (at) wild-spots.com.

The first wild spot has been developed at Amsterdam Science Park with a participatory process involving students of Amsterdam University College, with the support of Waag, LAND and Aalborg University in the context of the T-Factor project.